Yoga  , Baby & Me Yoga, Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga, Baby & Me Yoga, Yoga for Cyclists


Hi! I’m Micki. I have always loved being active, which has led me to exploring many different types of fitness. While I have enjoyed aspects of each, I immediately felt something special towards yoga. After years of practicing yoga sporadically, I finally felt compelled to commit myself more fully to my practice by diving into teacher training. As I learned more about the depth of yoga, and began seeing the effects of consistent yoga practice in my own life, I knew that I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. Shortly after completing my training, I began teaching “movement” classes at my son’s preschool. I quickly discovered a passion for teaching yoga to children as well as adults and decided to receive a formal kid’s yoga certification through Next Generation Yoga. After about a year of teaching yoga as a side job, I decided to leave my office job and commit myself fully to teaching students of all ages, experience levels and body types. I’m so glad I took that leap!

Off the mat, I love spending time with my husband and our spunky little boy. I also enjoy mountain biking, all types of boarding (snow, wake, surf and skate), cake-decorating, and drawing on people with henna. I’m so excited to share my love of yoga with all of you – Namaste!!